ArctiChill Medical Chiller Systems: Keeping your Critical Equipment Operating

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Excerpts from the ArctiChill Medical Chiller Brochure

TwoTon_Redundant_lr“Since the early 80’s, ArctiChill has earned a valuable reputation for producing mission-critical, precision water cooled and air cooled refrigeration systems for medical applications. Models are pre-engineered to meet major medical equipment specifications such as General Electric, Siemens, Varian, Hitachi and others. They have evolved into a suite of products and accessories that are guaranteed to meet the precision flow, pressure and delivery requirements for accurate, dependable critical cooling. With unmatched experience in both the refrigeration and site installation and start-up aspects of medical applications, they are uniquely qualified to provide a complete solution, matching OEM requirements and site, piping or ambient variables to assure the right equipment and long term reliability that recognizes your patient loads and bottom line. Let us show you how easy complete customer satisfaction can be.”

Chillers are available with microprocessor control systems and compressor unloading for reliable operation at various demands. And when a question or problem may arise, both factory technical support and factory trained field service personnel are ready to assist with a 24 hours service hotline.

Pictured here is a fully redundant chiller with independent refrigeration and controls circuits. Dedicated redundant systems share a tank so that switchover occurs with no temperature loss.

“When critical process cooling equipment is deployed, downtime due to equipment failure, or poor delivery of process liquids within the temperature and pressures required can be disastrous. Even unplanned circumstances such as inconsistent power, improper maintenance, failure due to normal wear and tear, or improper usage can result in unnecessary downtime. To ensure that conditions remain within your parameters, ArctiChill has developed a number of methods to reduce downtime.

  • Redundancy in refrigeration circuits
  • Redundant controls with automatic operation
  • Dual Pumping with lead/lag pump
  • Automatic City-Water Switchover Panels
  • Modem or Wireless Remote Diagnostics
  • Advanced email based alerting system”


Do you have a chilled water source, but need to operate a closed loop to your medical equipment? ArctiChill’s Heat Transfer Skids include a simple, refrigeration-free design that will provide consistent water flow and pressure with close control of temperature variation. Imaging equipment requires all of this. Standard components include: Cleanable heat exchangers, thermal mass reservoir, precise controls and all non-ferrous piping. You can also get an optional city-water switchover built right in.

This is a great option to achieve the cooling requirements you need, without the expense of additional refrigeration equipment.

Contact your PACE Sales Representative to discuss your next Medical Cooling Application. To locate the appropriate contact person, call 800-849-5260 or visit our Contact Page.

Download a complete copy of the brochure here.

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