Control Valves in Hydronic Systems, a Painted Picture

Adam ParkerCoil Hookup Kits, Control Valves, Hydronic Balancing, PICV

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This presentation was given by Hooman Daneshmand, PE, Technical Director at PRO Hydronic Specialties, LLC. It is a recap and then a further dive of the presentation he gave at the 2016 ASRHAE Winter Conference in Orlando, Florida. The co-presenters and host of the original presentation covered the pros and cons of a pressure independent control valve.

Great HVAC performance and longevity come from solid understanding, design practice, construction, and maintenance. Hydronic Systems are a HVAC transmission and for little component cost and better understanding they can bring immense value to HVAC.

If you are interested in learning more about PRO Hydronics Automatic Flow Limiting Devices, Pressure Independent Control Valves, or Coil Connection Kits that incorporate either type of valves, please contact us at 800-849-5260.