Marley Cooling Tower and Miller Leaman TurboDisc keep the process operational

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An industrial plant in North Carolina recently installed a three cell Marley Cooling Tower from SPX Cooling Technologies. It is capable of cooling 8,100 Gallons Per Minute of water from 95F to 85F using 80F ambient wet bulb air. Maintenance options such as interior and exterior ladders, internal walkways, access platforms and handrails were included to allow for easier access for routine services. This facilitates better preventative maintenance which is an important step in extending the life of any mechanical equipment. It is recommended to follow the equipment manufacturer’s Preventative Maintenance Schedules that can be found in the User Manuals supplied with the equipment.

Cooling towers by their nature are a very good “Air Scrubber” and as air is pulled through the heat transfer media, air borne particulate and biological materials are transferred into the circulating water system. If left unfiltered, these materials can build to a point of causing significant problems for the system. Proper water filtration is recommended for any open cooling system.

This cooling tower was equipped with a factory installed “Basin Sweeper Piping” system for connection in the field to a water filtration system. Basin sweeper piping is an effective method of preventing dirt particles and bacteria from building up on the cold water basin floors. It also helps in removing that same material from the system circulating water flow. Maintaining a clean cooling tower and circulating system is an important step in lowering system operating costs by reducing fouling on heat transfer surfaces, increasing the efficacy of water treatment programs, lowering maintenance costs associated with cleaning the cooling towers, and reducing friction losses in the system due to dirty water system.

Additionally, in combination with the effective water treatment program, a clean cooling tower system should reduce the chances of biofilms which can become a source of potential concern for Legionella Amplification. For more information on Legionellosis, please visit our Blog article on “Managing Legionella Bacteria in Cooling Towers: A High Standard of Care” located at


This particular customer chose the Miller Leaman TurboDisc filtration system for their project. The 10-Pod Disc Filtration System included a system pump for circulating 900 gallons per minute of filtered water to the Cooling Tower’s sweeper system nozzles. This is considered a “Side Stream” installation and is a very effective way to filter a cooling tower system. If you have an existing cooling tower, a sweeper system can be field installed.

You can also install filtration systems in a Full Flow or Slip Stream configuration, but neither of these methods are designed to be connected to cooling tower basin sweeper piping systems.

Other types of filtration equipment  that can be used for cooling tower systems include Permanent Media (also referred to as Sand Filters) and Centrifugal Separators, both of which are available from Puroflux Corporation. In a properly designed system, both can be an affective choice.

You can contact PACE for the solution that best meets your needs. With water quality products from Miller Leaman, Puroflux Corporation and Griswold Water Systems, we should have exactly what you need.