Centrifugal Separators

Puroflux offers a complete line of separator and separator packages that lend themselves to a wide range of applications for removing suspended particulate. Our standard equipment can handle flow ranges from 5 to 20,000 gpm and operating pressures up to 150 psi. Constructed from carbon steel, these rugged units can be installed in the harshest of environments. Custom separator systems can be designed and fabricated to meet specific requirements.

Permanent Media Filters

Puroflux offers a broad spectrum of permanent media filters in a range of materials and configurations. Our standard filtration products can be applied to a variety of conditions for the removal of suspended particulate. Custom systems can be engineered to meet specific requirements, including the use of different filter media to enhance filtration.

Thompson Strainers

The Thompson Strainer is patented stainless steel strainer used on a wide variety of industrial applications to remove solid particles from liquid systems. Our unique product has grown popular due to its patented, low-maintenance design, stainless steel construction, and exceptional efficiency.All models of the Thompson Strainer operate with less than a 1-PSI pressure loss at maximum flow when clean. This efficiency provides real energy savings when compared to strainer products that rely on energy consuming devices like spinners and torpedoes to give a comparable cleaning action. The Thompson Strainer’s internal flow patterns are responsible for making our unique product so effective. As liquid flows up through the internal riser pipe and deflects off the inner surface of the conical shaped screen, heavy sediments are forced downward, away from the screen, into the large debris reservoir. Unlike traditional basket strainers, ystrainers, or bag filters, the Thompson Strainer can be flushed while online and in service. Settled debris is easily removed by purging through the debris flush port.

pace cooling tower

Automatic TurboDisc Filtration

The Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter sets the standard for reliable, high-efficiency filtration. Utilizing a stack of injection-molded polypropylene disc media, the Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter is exceptionally durable and engineered for longevity. Automatic Turbo-Disc Filter systems are designed with a modular approach, where multiple filter housings (pods) are manifolded together with stainless steel inlet/outlet manifolds.
Click here for a video of a Turbo-Disc System in action.

Dirt and Air Separators

Spirotherm, Inc. manufacturers the industry leading high efficiency Spirovent.

Non-Chemical Water Treatment

A Unique Offering Provides a Complete Solution
The Wave 2.0 Chemical-free water treatment system is attractive to facility managers because it removes the obvious risks inherent in the use, storage, handling, and dispersal of hazardous chemicals. While pulsed-power products are generally successful, operators’ strong desire for a reliable, chemical-free solution to condenser water treatment has been tempered by the stigma of apparent failures. Both chemical and chemical-free water treatment companies have had difficulty with the proper execution of their respective methods. Griswold Water Systems, which has been in the water business since 1936, is in a unique position to identify and SOLVE the issues associated with the complexities of water treatment—and we have.